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About Lumina - Lumina

Breaking the language barriers in medicine

A revolutionary solution that breaks the language barriers between the Doctor and the Patient in real-time.


Patient Screening

Patient completes pre interview questionnaire in his native language.

Pre Examination

MD reviews report in his native language pre examination.


Examination carried out, MD adds further information using our AI-powered question lists and tools.

Treatment Plan

Creates an AI assisted multilingual Treatment Plan for Patient.


Key Benefits

Save Time

Minimise the waiting time and allow the patient to respond to questions upfront and the doctor to review the report in real-time.

Save Lives

By using verified professional medical translations and processes you can lower your risk of lethal mistakes based on the wrong interpretation.

Save Funds

Annual cost of claims in the industry due to mistakes that can be directly linked to errors in treatment due to language barriers is high.

Made by Doctors for Doctors

Lumina exists due to a real need in the market for a solution in this area. We believe that in an increasingly more global world that language barriers should be a thing of the past. Our medical committee constantly reviews and improves the patient pre-screening process so you don’t have to.

Get in touch

We are currently seeking distribution and integration partners in Europe and the U.S.A.